Beyond The Beat Generation

Utrecht, Netherlands
We broadcast 24 hours non-stop through the Internet the music formerly known as: Hippie music, Underground, 60's punk, Flower Power, Mod, Free-Form-Freak-out, Garage music, Psychedelia or Teen Beat, the weirdest, the worst, the most powerful and nastiest ever recorded.During the 60's all teens were obsessed by music, but only a few touched surface, all groups wanted to be, sound like, or look like 'The Beatles', 'The Rolling Stones', 'Pink Floyd', 'The Doors', 'Jefferson Airplane' or 'The Velvet Underground'.
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Playlist (recent)

  • Dave And The Squires - Girl Of My Dreams (Radex 65131) Freeport, Ill. 1965

  • Russ Kruger - Keep Me Satisfied (Sunshine 1495) Australia 1966

  • Inner Space & Rosy Rosy - Kamera Song

  • Four More - Problem Child (Fairchild 1001) Corpus Christi, Tx. 1966

  • Converts - Don't Leave Me (Rampro 117) Wisconsin, USA 1966

  • Lost Souls - Mind Expressway (Raven 2016) Bluefield, Va. 1967

  • West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - In The Arena (Reprise 6270) Los Angeles, Cal. 1967

  • Sunsets - I Want Love (Festival 1797) Newcastle, Australia 1967

  • Outer Limits - Don't Need You No More (Goldust 5014) University Park, NM. 1966

  • Music Machine - Hey Joe (Original Sound) Cal. 1966

  • Levis - That's Not The Way (Fleetwood 4563) Lynn, Mass 1966