Chaaawaaa Radio

United Kingdom
Chaaawaaa Radio brings you a conscious reggae and r’n’b radio station. Chaaawaaa Radio does not play music with offensive words in it as all the DJ's make a point of checking the music played to ensure that the whole family can tune in. So check it out and enjoy. If you want to interact with the DJ you can come into the chatroom at It’s all about the niceness…..chawwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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Playlist (recent)

  • The Sadonians - Goodbye My Love

  • Cornell Campbell - Queen Of The Minstrels

  • Trevor Dixon - SHOW SOME LOVE -

  • Helen Rogers - Love Me Like That- Promo

  • Change - Let's Go Together

  • is It too late - Cassandra London

  • Chris Stylez - Who Told You

  • Aretha Franklin - Respect

    I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You (Mono)
  • Helen Rogers - Love Me Like That- Promo

  • Sister Audrey - I Love You