Glow FM

Manchester, United Kingdom
Glow FM is the No.1 Online & Mobile radio station for latest news, sports, talk show, music, entertainment, & religion. The station, based in Manchester UK, is a one-stop shop for best pre-release to current top chart songs, RnB, reggae, Hip Hop etc.
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Playlist (recent)

  • No-Lounge - Resta cu mme [1Mcj]

  • Nek - Differente [1A1F]

  • Elisa - Swan [1A1l]

  • Unknown - pagangel 2017 Standard [1BJK]

  • Major Lazer - Cold Water (feat Justin Beaber [1A1y]

  • Tiziano Ferro - Valore Assoluto [1A23]

  • Luca Carboni - Happy