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Hanover , PA
Wishing there was some classic rock playing, well you’re in luck! Tune into Wish 101.6 to hear those classics that never seem to go out of style. To the new generations these classics are considered to be a blast from the past. However, to others these songs were the ones that they grew up on. All the school dances played them. While music keeps changing, one thing that remains is these classic rock songs. No matter the age everyone can get down to the music and let loose. Amidst all the different genres being blasted out car radios, rock and roll is still one of the go to genres played. Rock is able to fulfill many listeners wishes all in one genre. So get prepared to jam out and sing your heart out. Wish is a station linked to Variety Media, where we work hard to put the music everyone wants to hear on the air. Thank you for listening.
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  • sion - After Hours

  • Ben OThman - Jerba Feat..Zohra Lajnef