Washington, DC
TMOTTGoGo Radio is a full-time Internet-based radio station that presents a full spectrum of GO-GO music including: Old School, New School, Crank, Grown & Sexy, Bounce, Basement Soul, Global Soul, Regg’Go, Neo, and Afro Beat. TMOTTGoGo Radio is NOT meant to present EVERY category of music, but rather present music in the various sub-genres that represent genre-bending blends of GO-GO. TMOTTGoGo Radio sets under the umbrella of TMOTTGoGo Media, started in 1996 from the passion of founder, Kato Hammond, and although has been streaming radio programmed shows since 1998 through its own WTGO Radio streams, as well as other online radio platforms.
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  • Michael Muse - I Want You

  • Little Benny - Get Your Drink On