[Ghost Box] Dark Ambient Radio

Chicago, IL
Ghost Box Radio is independent radio, sponsored by listener contributions and artist submissions. All music in rotation by permission of the artist. Obscure as it is, this genre is huge. There are communities within communities of like minded artists spanning the globe in both analog and digital worlds. Ancient rites, ripped to bits in the age of information. Darkness to punctuate the flames. Sci fi landscapes. The beauty of urban decay. The terror of it all. This music needs to be heard.
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Playlist (recent)

  • Instant Movie Combinations - Black Hole Pressure - Time Collapse

  • Cousin Silas - Dark Ambient - A Call At Midnight

  • Nagual Art - Dark Ambient - Seance 1931-Sitzung 8

  • Herbst9 - The Gods Are Small Birds But I - Shaking Ground

  • Kshatriy - Mushrooms & Kshatriy - Curious mushrooms

  • Atrium Carceri - Blue Moon

  • Sonologyst - Unexplained Sounds - Arecibo collection

  • The Spirit Dies - Melodiile Diavolului - `Music of the Devil` - a jagged cascade of sound