BN4IA Radio

Las Vegas, NV
Broadcast Network For Indie Artists (BN4IA) was started by the independent recording artist, Cutting Edge to give independent recording artists a greater opportunity to expose their music to the world; and they have accomplished this like no one else has. The band secured 3 FTA KU Band (satellite feeds) to transmit the programming of BN4IA around the world, from the Philippines and Australia to Japan, Europe, South America and the U.S. Over 200 radio stations around the world now carry our programming and it is a great start. Best yet, there are over 15 million KU receivers in the U.S. that can now receive our programming, from homes and offices to shopping centers, gyms, clubs and college dorms. In Europe, there are over 100 Million KU receivers and over another 200 Million in Asia. Broadcast Network For Indie Artist is successfully bringing the music of independent recording artists to the world the bringing the world to the music of independent
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