Sydney Harbour Radio

Sydney, NSW, Australia
Sydney Harbour Radio broadcasts primarily to the city and the shores of Sydney and its magnificent harbour, but also to all of Australia and the rest of the world. What makes us different ? …every piece of music is handpicked ! – and played in generic links, to make your listening seamless and pleasant. It’s what some would call – Adult Contemporary – It’s what we call the best music …that you won’t hear anywhere else. Our demographic is made up of Sydneysiders who live on or around Sydney’s central suburbs, bays and beaches… and also visitors to our beautiful city ( that’s why you will hear plenty of varied world music too ! ) We like to think our playlist is unique, along with our very discerning listeners … ( over 45,000 songs, with new tunes added every day ) The station is funded by listener donations and friends – along with sponsors. Real Music – Real
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