EKR - Oldies Paradise

Canterbury , Kent, United Kingdom
Oldies Paradise plays music from the early ‘60s through to the early ‘80s. We draw from one of the biggest radio music libraries on the whole planet! It contains just about every US and UK Top 40 hit single from that period. What’s more, we play most of them at some time or another. Constant variety is our goal. We believe that many of you use internet radio as an antidote to the high repetition of terrestrial radio. So, we strive to bring you “forgotten gems” and “lost classics”.
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Playlist (recent)

  • Beach Boys - I Just Wasnt Made For These..

  • Stevie Wonder - He's Misstra Know-It-All

  • TYB70 - 70s Baby Songs - 4

  • Billy Paul - Thanks For Saving My Life

  • 111 - Rare60s