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Chattanooga, TN
- Metaphysical Talk Radio (MTR) is your one-stop listening station for insightful, and powerful metaphysical/paranormal talk programming 7 days a week. Our main focus is providing quality talk programming that will encourage, inspire, and inform. We also wish to de-mystify the subject of Metaphysics, Spirituality, and the Paranormal by presenting the aforementioned in the most intelligent, concise, and comprehensive fashion. Our format consists of 18 hours of talk programming all day, and 6 hours of a unique mix of New Age, Classical, and meditative music all through the night. In addition, we also aim to provide a wide-range of metaphysical/paranormal talk programming which encompasses many different points of view. With that said, it is most important that we state that some of the views expressed on various shows, are those of the participants, and do not directly reflex those of MTR’s ownership and/or management.
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